Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Am I coming back to myself?’ Going

where you’ve always been. Center of the maze that

you’ve discovered time and time again. You didn’t know

it then, moments that weren’t necessary until they

were needed. ‘Am I here?’ You never left.

Photography by Izzy Gerosa

14 comments on “Discovered

  1. Seems like you’re doing a bit of introspection with this post. I’ve read it several times, which is my habit where I’m interested, intrigued, and curious. I sometimes think that prose is more intimate than poetry. Yet the reader can still join in and resonate with their own deep thought and focus like I’m doing today. Thanks for sharing!!!

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  2. This is amazing! I love it.

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  3. Good work…real close to home for me too.

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  4. I love this style of poetry. It’s creative and interesting.

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