Written by Jacob Ibrag

Become what you think. Not immediately. Slow

song and a dance. No exceptions. ‘We won’t come back from

 this. Not again.’ Belief and its stubborn nature. To hold promise

so close to your skin. To watch yourself bleed without reason.

To become what you think. To let go, almost immediately.

Photography by Tyler Dozier

24 comments on “Immediately

  1. I really enjoyed this.

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  2. good words

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  3. Becoming what you think is good advice and I need to follow it.

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  4. Powerful words. I enjoyed this piece.

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  5. tmezpoetry

    I like this Jacob.

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  6. Letting go is freeing, great poem.

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  7. Powerful.Enjoyed reading this.

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  8. To love is human
    To let go is divine
    Great post Jacob

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