Written by Jacob Ibrag

She looked through the window and asked him

to repeat his answer. ‘We can’t go, not now at least. They

need us before the crumbling, the fall of intellectual hierarchy.’

Reaching for her backpack, she takes out a black marker and draws a

door on the window. ‘They won’t survive the anomaly, and it will follow

us too. Please, stay.’ Pushing the door open, she tosses the marker back

to him and walks through, ‘find me when you’re done playing. I’ll be

in another plane, the girl fishing for questions and equations.’

Photography by Liam Simpson

16 comments on “Fishing

  1. Amazing. I love the mystery and what we don’t see is very captivating..

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  2. I really like the line breaks throughout the piece! Adds to the mystery of it all!

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  3. The last few lines are really powerful:)

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  4. Because this woman realized, that this man and she no longer shared the same dreams, so, she’d, decided, to leave, for her own good…

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  5. That Other Petra Guy

    Delaying Our Fishing!

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