Written by Jacob Ibrag

And so you found

your other half? ‘A half. I was

asked to hurry and so I did.’ What’s the

rush? ‘Everyone around began to pair.’ And

what if the piece doesn’t fit? ‘At least I’ll

be, taken.’ Settling then. ‘Yes.’

Photography by Xavier Sotomayor

25 comments on “Settling

  1. Frightening, but I wonder how many of us do this. I can remember that as a young woman, I thought I had no choice.

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    • I think frightening is a good word for it. It seems like it’s become more commonplace than not around here. The fear of missing out on a life you’re essentially throwing away.

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  2. Agree…it is frightening. But then the half gets tossed aside when a different half comes along. And then, those pieces don’t fit either.
    A segmented world – perhaps we’re a sixth or an eighth – depending on how the pie is cut. Pie piece lives, when one piece is devoured the pie can never be whole again. That’s a depressing thought. Sorry :/
    I had pumpkin pie for breakfast today…my life is doomed.

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  3. wow… thought provoking indeed!

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  4. Wow, that was great.

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  5. Sanjay M Bhaskar

    Wow! Beautiful. I guess everyone went through this at some point in our life. Desperately needed another half. To hold on…

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  6. This makes me sad. But I’m intrigued by the comment someone left above, about why is someone always our other half, and how maybe we’re more than just two parts. Definitely food for thought.

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  7. wow this resonates a lot right now.
    wonderful work as always, my friend

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  8. We are all Whole. Just as we are.

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  9. Thanks for visiting my blog at ventalks.wordpress.com do visit again.
    But most importantly thank you for helping me to find this blog its has some wonderful poems.

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  10. I definitely agree with “frightening”–I made the mistake of settling many years ago, mistook lust for love… never regained the innocent trust. Painful regrets, but I’m thriving alone–not everyone has that gift, so I’m blessed. Great post.

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  11. Story of my life!

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  12. How will you respond in the illustrated possition Jacob?

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  13. So poignant, so true.

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  14. Anand Bose

    Well spoken beautiful words. Anand Bose from Kerala

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