Written by Jacob Ibrag

How are you

getting home? ‘I’m not.’

Where to? ‘Where ever the bus

stops.’ And what if it never did?

‘I’d pray that it never does.’

Photography by Edwin Andrade

22 comments on “Stops

  1. If there is a bus of this kind, I’d be happy to ride in it. simple and effective quote.

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  2. Simple and yet so successful!

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  3. Really gets me thinkng. Great post.

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  4. mrgoodquote

    Great work πŸ˜‰

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  5. avid reader

    At times one does wish to be lost than found. Wonderful.

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  6. Short and beautiful poem added with a interesting photo to boot. Some of us know nothing but searching.. if we stop searching ( for love, answers) we wouldn’t know what to do. Thanks for the post.

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  7. Sounds like your character is searching for her/himself, on a journey to self-discovery of sorts…

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  9. You’re putting yourself in the scene Jacob, where are you going to?

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  10. it was your question in this story Jacob, so at least answer by yourself

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