“Waiting is painful. Forgetting is

painful. But not knowing which to

do is the worst kind of suffering.”

– Paulo Coelho

Photography by Soroush Karimi

6 comments on “Painful

  1. Not having a choice over which to do … and having your body do both … that’s the worst!

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  3. Painful to be unable to find the wisdom in either choice. Sometimes, you trust your gut and your heart, but they lead you into madness. Sometimes, you follow your mind’s sound advice, but still feel the pangs of restlessness. Like a constant battle between two factions in your being.

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  4. is not waiting another form of holding on; forgetting, the need to hold on?
    if all signs say hold on, what source within us do we trust to speak truth?
    and, if it does speak truth, will we be unbiased to have proper judgement of each?

    what pain does forgetting bring? what does that pain have to do with you? the soul underneath?
    did I plan this crossroad, who conditioned my mind, do I trust my own beliefs?

    not knowing is not the worst suffering, it’s the not choosing that brings the suffering….
    does not the thought of jumping from a cliff scare us more than the exhilarating experience?

    your words sparked my imagination, I can not thank you enough.

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