Written by Jacob Ibrag

How is she this cerebral? Cocktail of emotions

hitting me on every side, left and right. And she’s somewhere in

the thick of it, in the middle and unaffected. Taking in what’s happening

minus the perception of the tiny voice inside her head telling her to run away.

She’s always been like this, in the moment if you will. I’m shaking. Our situation

paling in comparison to her handling them. She grabs onto my hand and gently

squeezes it. ‘You give me strength,’ she whispers. ‘You bring me peace.’

Photography by Joshua Rawson-Harris

23 comments on “Peace

  1. Good storytelling πŸ†

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  2. the undomestic writer

    Beautifully written

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  3. Well written!

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  4. unseensilence

    It’s like you have a window to my life! Love this.

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  5. devereaux frazier

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  6. That gentle confide.. Reassuringly cozy

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  7. malanielovesfiction

    “How is she this cerebral” …”I’m shaking.” beautiful

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  8. Perfect. This is perfect!

    I’ve pretty much been “cerebral” as well, my whole life, and seeing the opposite side of a relationship react and have feelings about it, is interesting. I hope my boyfriend feels the same, lol, but I like that you gave me a different point of view.

    Thank you.

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  9. Beautiful writing

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