Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘You’re trying too hard kid. Alright, look this way.

What you do is close your eyes and think of the thing you’ve

always wanted.’ And what if I don’t want anything? Or maybe it’s

that the thing I want is a person, one that is no longer here. Wishing

won’t deliver her soul back into her body. Wishing won’t give her a

second chance to breathe. ‘No, I suppose it won’t. But maybe

wishing to never forget her smile and the way she used

to say your name, maybe that’s worth trying.’

Photography by Almos Bechtold

26 comments on “Wishing

  1. what’s here name?


  2. Always worth trying:)

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  3. It becomes a painful world after the lost of a loved one… Everything goes dull, immaterial and lacklustre… But memories of such person when carefully handled and expertly maneuvered, can be the light torching our road to happiness… You have to think happy to be happy…
    Nice piece…

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  4. Loved this, thank you

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  5. Really nice work – love the interplay of the two voices.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  6. I am ‘comfortably numb’ reading this.

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  7. So heartbreaking but so beautiful!

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  8. Candy Lebby

    Short and sweet and touched my heart ❀

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  9. Reblogged this on S C Richmond and commented:
    Just lovely ❀


  10. Wow fabulous poem. I loved it. Losing the loved one is most painful but we have to live with it and rather than wanting them to have back and making our life miserable we should gather strength and courage from the love they left in our heart and cherish those memories lifetime.


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  11. Beautiful Jacob!
    I close my eyes
    In the darkness
    I see her Light πŸ’–

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  12. Beautifully intricate.

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  13. koddasee89

    Awesome post😊

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  14. Love it. Better to have smiled then to have wished you smiled, right?

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