Written by Jacob Ibrag

Redirected. ‘If it’s so easy, why don’t you take

a crack at it?’ Fair enough, slight head nod. No more drink in his

cup. Approaching the subjects of their conversation. Say anything, maybe

something will stick. It does and so, ‘may we have this dance?’ She says yes and

she’s good at it. And she’s kind and warmhearted. Similar experiences. Pumpkins

stalking midnight, ‘I don’t want this to end.’ Agreeing, she asks him to call and not

to forget. A whisper goodbye and a kiss on her lips. Walking into traffic. Waking

up to bright lights in the middle of the street. Running out of the car, she

calls the police. ‘Please hurry up I,’ don’t think he’s breathing.

Photo by Kevin Lee

Over the years Eyes + Words has turned into a wonderful budding family of over fifteen thousand people across all platforms. It’s surreal and humbling to know that the art of poetry and story is alive and thriving. That being said, I hope that the creation of the Eyes + Words Writers Group serves as a vehicle and launch pad to help and support writers and the aspiring ones to keep manifesting words that many out there are searching for everyday. So go on and contribute, lets elevate together. Everyone is encouraged to share their experiences with anything involving writing.

12 comments on “Redirected

  1. Well crafted ending….

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  2. Wow…. that was unexpected! Brilliant!

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  3. Nice one, veey interesting

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  4. Sometimes, love became too much of a distraction that people ended up getting killed because of it…

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