Not Even Boring

Written by Jacob Ibrag

You’re beginning to bore me, and you’re

not even boring. It’s just that you used to be this

shiny thing. I’d hold you up to the sun and watch you

shine on me. And now its become too familiar. And now

we’ve become routine. You’re the same as the one from

before, and the one before that. I’ve heard all of

your words, in this soul and the next.

Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes

been a while

15 comments on “Not Even Boring

  1. It’s good to see you back! Great piece!

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  2. Things need to be shaken up every once in awhile

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  3. Nothing boring the way you describe the boredom

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  4. Dainelle Hunter

    Truthful, and a bit sad.

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  5. Nice to see your words here again.

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  6. This reminds me of a fling I had years ago. Unfortunately we have to go on our separate ways. Ouch.

    Nice blog you have here, by the way. I’m following it now. 🙂

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