No One is Watching

Written by Jacob Ibrag

I’d like to ignore the world and its weight

on my shoulders. I’d like to pretend that my roots

are attached for a decorative purpose. That I don’t owe

anyone an inkling of my soul. That I can drift in the wind

and love who I choose. And maybe I can for a while, at

least when no one is watching. Maybe I can for

now, while my heart prays for passion.

Photo by Jonathan Borba

17 comments on “No One is Watching

  1. I’d like to drift in the wind every once in a while. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Great words.

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  2. Beautiful words Jacob

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  3. Your words are poetry. Your poetry is like music. It sings to me. I do believe that “I don’t owe anyone an inkling of my soul.” But, I can give pieces of it away – if I’m not careful! (That’s because we live life with that passion we pray for… And we feel life so soulfully!). Beautiful writing, Jacob. ❀

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  4. Beautiful, beautiful piece! ❀

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  6. Its so heartfelt…😊

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  7. You can, be free, and sometimes, you just have to let go, and set yourself free, because you and you alone, hold the key to your own freedom…

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