Throwing Memories

Written by Jacob Ibrag

So I sit by the family that celebrates life and all they’ve

collected. Throwing memories at each other and confirming details

someone may have missed. Talk of dreams and wishes they’ve achieved, and

maybe fell short of. The love they gave, the love they lost. The people they’ve met,

the people they’ve given up on. The story about the time a boy ran after the kid who

stole his five nickle water pistol. How he slipped on the curb and chipped his front

tooth. This wasn’t a baby, no this one was the reminder. A reminder to think

before beginning the leap. So I sit by the family that celebrates life and

all they’ve collected. Trading memories and forgotten dreams.

Photo by Karl Fredrickson

5 comments on “Throwing Memories

  1. The moment when we come together to share things with one another, it’s, truly rare, that people can do that with each other, especially in the families these days…

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  2. Sounds like thanks giving

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  3. I pictured them at Grandpa’s memorial service. Often, it’s funerals that pull nostalgic families together to share forgotten dreams and stories of chipped teeth. The image of Thanksgiving or a wedding is a happier one, though.

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