What Doesn’t Come

Written by Jacob Ibrag

What doesn’t come was

never yours to have. The looks

you desire more elusive than sand.

The face you wore won’t fit like it did.

The people you resurrect won’t ever

talk sense. And the ones that do,

you won’t ever understand.

Photo by Garin Chadwick

5 comments on “What Doesn’t Come

  1. “What doesn’t come was never yours” – A worthy truism to keep in mind!

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  2. Sometimes we want “people” that’s not available. And even if they were “single” they weren’t the right one for us. Every pot has a lid. Need the right fit.

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  3. Simple and yet so hard to grasp! I love it when my grandson (7) says, “Things don’t always go the way you want.” It’s a big lesson.

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