How Far

Written by Jacob Ibrag

I find myself on the cusp of greatness.

I could just taste it on the tip of my tongue. The sweetness of sugar, not that artificial crap. This is real, straight from the cane. I could get lost in it. I’m sure that’s how it used to be for the one’s that discovered its pure nature. They’d get high and wander off into their senses.

I’m on the cusp of greatness and yet I’m not lost in it like I hoped to be.

My intrinsic nature teetering. My motivation to move forward stifled with more unknowns. Variables that don’t care about my goals. Eyes who haven’t seen how far I’ve gone, how far I am from where I’ve begun. I’m too far in, and it all still feels new.

I know what I want but how far am I willing to go?

Photo by André Filipe

4 comments on “How Far

  1. All the way….for, as we both know….fear hasn’t the control!!

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  2. Turhon. Poet of the Ages.


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  3. It is, through these inquiries of our selves, we find out, what exactly, we’re, searching for in life.

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