We Always Will

Written by Jacob Ibrag

It’s fast. The peak of existence and its conclusion.

A man is gone, so is a father, a husband, a brother, a friend and a son. Billions mourning. Billions who have never met this man.

This feels like a reminder and a punishment. God gives and takes no matter your race, level of wealth or status.

It’s the sixth grade and Mrs. Cannon is complaining about Shaq’s free throw percentage. She wants him to pass, “you’ve got Mamba big man, don’t forget!”

We all had Mamba, and we always will.

Photo by JR Korpa

Rest In Peace Kobe Bryant, his thirteen year old daughter and the seven other souls we lost.

1 comment on “We Always Will

  1. Death does not discriminate, no matter if we’re rich or poor, hoe high, or low, our, social statuses, when it takes us, we go…

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