The Noise Gone

Written by Jacob Ibrag

At worlds end. Watching as it all falls again.

Communication down the way side. A people thirsty for a

sign. And It is only when we have lost everything that we begin to

understand. It is only when we have lost everything that we can forge a

new direction. The noise gone, finally. Love found in you and in me.

And I am here for us as we look for the love in ourselves.

Photo by Wesley Balten

5 comments on “The Noise Gone

  1. Sometimes we need outer quiet to realize inward reality.

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  2. Every loss, is not necessarily, a loss…

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  3. Lainie Levin

    Once the noise is gone, what is there but love?

    There is also something wonderful about the physical structure of your poem. I like how it gradually expands, then retreats again within. Don’t know if that was the plan, but it caught my eye.

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