Promising Beginning

Written by Jacob Ibrag

Drive into the theater in your mind.

Review what is playing and at what times. An oldie

from years back. A promising beginning, and a tragic end. Not

really tragic because it’s sad, more so because it’s obvious. A middling

middle you want to skip. You wish you picked another flick. And yet you

continue because you’ve binged everything else. You promise to take

your time on future shows. And as conclusion nears, you

thank the lord. There aren’t any sequels, and

you will never be this bored.

Photo by niklas_hamann

Hey everyone. I recorded myself reading this piece. Please let me know what you think. Did what I could to keep the quality of the audio high. Feedback is much appreciated. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

19 comments on “Promising Beginning

  1. I love the addition of the audio reading of the poem!

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  2. Love the concept!

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  3. This is beautiful with the audio addition.

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  4. My mind is still producing movies and they are weird especially the late night shows.


  5. The audio, added more to the piece, ut’d made what you wrote, sort of, come, alive…

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  6. Loved this and the audio was a perfect addition.

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  7. I’ll check it out in my computer and report later. I’m on my cell phone now and it wouldn’t play. But, I appreciated the words – the metaphor of life to a film – yes, this episode will pass – our story is not totally told – not yet! Look for the silver lining!

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  8. Love it.
    (btw, and sorry for writing it in here, but subscribing didnt work, it asked for a “number” in the Lastname field)

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    • Thank you! I’ve actually been meaning to turn that pop up off, it looks like it’s broken. You can still subscribe through WordPress.


  9. Great combination with the audio. Are you going to do in more in the future?

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