We Hide Secrets

Written by Jacob Ibrag

I’m standing on top of a hill in my

mind. I see as far as I let myself. So, not too far.

We hide secrets we aren’t ready to see. They show up in

our subtle blinks or reflexes. Knee jerk reactions to something

someone said. Code words or sounds that emanate an energy.

Triggers that unravel parts of ourselves that have yet to

taste the sun. And when these doors open, a new

chapter to write. New eyes to see from.

Heights I have yet climb.

Photo by Elti Meshau

12 comments on “We Hide Secrets

  1. Wonderfully written

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  2. Another great piece

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  3. “Yet to taste the sun” is a great line!

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  4. The thing about secrets is that we need to deal with them, otherwise, they will come back, and haunt us in the future, and when they do, we’ll surely be caught, off guard!

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  5. Wonderful writing!

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  6. Devin Stevens

    Sometimes I don’t want to see what’s over the hill because it’s too dark.

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