Written By Jacob Ibrag

Like an explosion

that erased it all. We went

back to when it was still simple, still

beautiful. It never felt more amazing to be

this naive, if this feeling of warmth was fleeting

then being naive would be my destiny and my fate.

We were young and our eyes wide full of love. It was

hard to encompass it all because neither of us understood

what it all meant. My heart was comprised by your honey

brown eyes. The way she tasted was euphoric and it was

unfair because nothing else would ever come close again.

Was this what it meant to want to scream without

caring who listened? I wish we stayed in that

moment of hello’s and fake accents, when

it was just her and I. Our souls would

dance, while our bodies made

love in the sky of light.

Painting By Dave Putnam

Written while listening to:

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