Fighting Yourself

Written by Jacob Ibrag

He wanted it. Every second of his life

amounted to this one moment. Sitting in his

wooden corner. His eyelids grew heavy and his skin

tone seemed washed out. In the little time he was given,

sharp images from his life started to resurface. All those people,

all those promises, it wasn’t just another day. It was his life. His heart

didn’t belong to him. His blood pumped through the  population. Snap

out of the trance. He shook his brain into stimulation. Right now, It

was his time. The Earth was still and the water motionless. Plant your

feet. He falls on his knees. Get up. Stand. Open your eyes. Your

hands, your outcome. He looked up in frustration. Weak.

Options dwindling. Stop looking at the situation.

Your thinking too much. GO! DO IT! It’s your

fight! Adrenaline, Stupidity, Ferocity. He

was ready for anything,

for anyone.

Painting By Norman Rockwell

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