Written By Jacob Ibrag

I saw you for the first time yesterday.

Some people say that time stands still when

you find your other half. That couldn’t be farther

from the truth. Time doesn’t stand still, it disappears all

together. Not just in that moment, but forever after. Her fire

red hair and meadow green eyes left me breathless and praying.

Heaven please let us stare at each other for eternity. Allow my lost

 fingertips to be guided by hers. Let my cold lips come alive with her

warm beauty. The soul that inhabited my body escaped and danced

 around her smile.  That smile that could cure my broken heart. Don’t

close your eyes I kept whispering to myself. Remember her always

and never let go. With an involuntary blink, she disappeared from

my life. And just like that, time made a comeback, forever was just

a minute. My heart beat will go on though, for I know my purpose

here still remains in the future. For now, I’ll dream of you and

wait for serendipity to strike once more. I love you

and yet I don’t even know your name.

Artist Unknown

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