Winter’s Knife

Written By Jacob Ibrag

He ran on light, which was limited now. The torches

used to burn bleeding red, and people from a far would bare

witness. But with the Winter making its way through the streets

made up of petrified cobblestones; the fire grew weak. He would stare

into the stars praying for a miracle, but those were rare nowadays. The

Winter was a cold hard knife to almost everyone’s scared spirits. The light

in his heart was now a mere spec no bigger than a penny, and no matter

how hard he tried to hold on, it all seemed useless. Near Winters end,

nearly all of the townspeople have given up on the light expect one.

“It took everything from my life to hold on to you, and I always

will. The Spring is here and the time to rebuild is upon us.

The light will spread and the fires will burn harder.

Everything in its right place, the Winter

has brought us closer.”

Painting By Shaun Ryan Williams

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