What We Manifest

Written By Jacob Ibrag

We live. Watching the minutes, watching

the years Every vessel outlined for a future. Future

unknown, here comes the fear. We live once, we live to

live, we live and die, then why the fear. Fear, here comes the

doubt. We live once, memories molding slowly. My mind is yours.

Take it, do what you will with it. Give me your dreams, give me your

fear. Lost in the daze of sadness and tears. Here comes the end. Hold my

hand Hold my Hold Don’t let, go. We live once, we live to live, we live and

we die. Smiles sprinkled with insecurity of the situation, the situation bending

your mind. See-saw of what to do with what’s lost, but you’re lost. Get that out

of your mind, born free. Manifestation of our own free accord. Listen

to that, it’s me whispering. Erase the doubt, the fear. Draw

me into your mind. Permanent marker.

Painting By Serg Wiaderny


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