Eyes Closed

Written By Jacob Ibrag

It’s a shitty feeling, knowing that everything

you’ve believed in is just a perfect illusion that’s been

dangled before you since those crib years. They tell you an

education will lead to truth, that your thirst for answers would

be quenched. The truth is that we all get desensitized when it comes

to seeking for anything right about after they hand us that deceiving piece

of paper that says we’re ready for what’s out there. And what’s out there are

sharks that feed on the breading suckers and fools that don’t mind being used

as tools. “It used to be better though.” Right? I mean that’s what we keep saying

to each other when the going gets tough and the tough gets panicked. You wake

in the morning and chant that today will be different. “Everything is awesome.”

Meanwhile your veins are clogged with that cholesterol induced  sandwich you

made at three in the morning. Every day. Every single day, gravity feels a little

heavier. And every single day you question that homeless man’s smile who’s

made his residency in the alley by your job. Why on God’s border line green

polluted Earth is that man smiling. ‘You have nothing!’ Then a wrecking

ball shit storm of an epiphany demolishes your insides. And as soon

you finally piece it together, a big fat factory default setting kicks

in. You’ve just received a notification, ‘DENIAL has just

friend requested you. Accept?’ Exhaling, you do.

Photographer Unknown

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