The Words

Written by Jacob Ibrag

With a stroke of the necessary keys,

all emotions come on display. It’s a process, an

upload of your mind and soul onto a tangible surface for

others to witness and reflect upon. The release is euphoric and

very much therapeutic. You feel accomplished and drenched all

at the same time. Reading what you wrote is a challenge all on its

own. You keep questioning yourself and wondering if these were

really your thoughts. How could you possibly have imagined these things,

what events triggered these mental notes? These feelings and emotions

feel like strangers yet here they are right in front of you. It’s all out there

now and you feel a bit lighter. Emptiness washes over with certain

realizations; your mind is ready for new experiences, new complications

and new philosophy’s. You are a renewed sponge that thirsts, problems?

Yes, because what good is life if you aren’t challenged. Looking back

now, you thank the forces that made your life a little more

 complicated than you would’ve liked; it’s all writing

material. It’s necessary. It’s growth. Its purpose.

Salvation and solution.

Artist Unknown

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