Written by Julia Sokol

I know it may not seem like much
but there was something about the way you moved,
And I didn’t get the chance
To get enough.

I know it may not seem like much
but things were left unfinished
and for some reason,
I care.

I know it’s stupid
but I liked the way it felt,
you brought some kind of pleasantness
to my eyes and to my soul
and it trickled into me,
it hadn’t yet gotten old.

I know it’s petty
but I liked what I saw.
The expressions of your face,
the language of your body,
the way you groove,
your quirky moves.
That damn-shame talent
wasted on someone like you.

I got wasted on you,
a little taste of you.
Wanting more,
but you didn’t feel like sharing.

Lost and found
all at once.

I guess I didn’t give you
anything you found
Maybe that’s
what leaves me caring.

Artist Unknown

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