Written by Jacob Ibrag

You’re staring at me now, and I need you

to stop. These projections of our possible lives need

to come to a halt. It’s not romantic, quite frankly its pathetic.

Deep down you know this will never be. This will never

materialize into what you’ve imagined. I am not this perfect

creature you have concocted in your mind. There so much you

don’t know, so much no one will ever see.  Please believe that

your time on me is time you will pray to get back, by then

it’ll be too late. We will never be that old cute couple sitting

on the bench, never letting go.  Just imagine me as I really am,

lost in another  time, in another state of design. Rewind your

heart and soul on another warmer body. The one you’re staring

at is pure ice, not ready to crack under your sunlight. I love

you though, I love to hate your passion, I love to hate your

smile. I love to hate your heart constantly reaching

out to mine. All I wanted were directions to the

nearest coffee shop, thank you?

Photography by Vytautas Ambrazas

8 comments on “Directions

  1. It kind of has a touch of tragedy in it somewhere.. I like it. 🙂


  2. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I do not recall you asking to use my photo on your blog. Do you have any reasonable explanation for that?


    • Eyes + Words

      Non whatsoever. I thought it was perfect for my piece. You’re an amazing photographer and I would love to use it. However I will delete it as soon as I get home if you disapprove the use.


    • Eyes + Words

      Should I delete the image?


    • I agree it does fit your writing perfectly. You should have asked if you can use it first, right? You do have my permission to use it now. All my photographs are copyrighted and that’s something for you to think about in the future, other photographers may not be as forgiving.
      P.S. Thank you for good words about my photos! I do like your writings as well!

      Liked by 1 person

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