Dreamed Reality

Written by Jacob Ibrag
(A Song)

I shared a dream,
with a scream,
those days are finally gone.

I shared a dream,
it was your scream
you left it all behind.

I shared a dream,
was my scream
that tore us apart.

I shared a dream,
life was a scream
I guess its all over now.

So why do I stare at old pictures
of our long gone smiling hearts.

So why do I think of your glisten
when I have this aching scar.

Here I am now,
dreaming of your laugh.

Here you are,
on the other line,
crying on your guitar.

We shared dream,
no more screams,
we found what once was lost.

We shared a dream,
screams of joy,
because we went back to the start.

What a story,
I guess we found it all,
all that was gone.

What a year,
I’ve been without you,
I didn’t exist at all.

but now we’re one,
and now we’re finally here.

Our dreamed reality,
no screams at all.

Photography Unknown

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