Written by Jacob Ibrag

As she walked into the fire, her body morphed into

ice. An energy from a thousand suns, only destruction was

born here. Yet, this wasn’t the case at all. She remembered that

life is what truly comes out from here. It is this red and yellow

light that gave her people the fighting chance to keep moving on,

to keep striving for their next breath. It was up to her now, she

was willing to be the Phoenix, she was willing to die for them.

Her ashes would bring homes to the lost souls once more. The

ice armor was almost gone now, her vessel was next. This would

be the final marriage, her soul and this light would be one. Her

smile illuminated the nation, her eyes lit up the skies. And

just like that, she was gone. She was now a mother

to civilization. Transcendence.

Artist Unknown

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