Written by Jacob Ibrag

There should always be a hundred foot wall staring

into your eyes. If you aren’t seeing one now, thank

stagnation. Get up and take a walk on the wild side?

Not at all, just get up and move into any direction.

You’ll fail, fall, bleed and sweat. Progression. Might

even feel like that wall just keeps gaining ground as

you finally starting making rounds. You’re right, it’s

needed. Earn that smile from yourself. Do you know

what you’re even capable of? How far have you pushed

yourself? Limitations. They exist in the mind. The soul.

It’s infinite. We all make that choice as the wall rushes

in. Fall forever without the climb, numbs the mind of

all it’s time. Yet you lift your arms and dig into the rock.

Climb. Fall on your back a thousand times. That rush

of blood throughout the body, fuels the soul. Fuels

your laughter, finally. That wall, it’s no more.

Artist Unknown

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