Dust Off

Written by Jacob Ibrag

So pick up your guitar and dust off those

memories. It’s been waiting for you for the longest

time. With one stare, you remember those trophies you’ve

earned and lost. Yea, it’s all about those calluses. You grin and

make a fist, bittersweet. Musical therapy is well worth it. Pick her

up and slowly dive into the chords, still as stubborn as before. Why

so serious Ms. Guitar? ‘Unbelievable,’ you think to yourself, all this

time and you still quote Heath Ledger. That’ll be who we’ll play

for tonight. ‘Here’s to you Heath, and to my unscathed

fingertips.’ Strum along, evict away the silence.

New memories begging to be uncovered.

Photographer Unknown

2 comments on “Dust Off

  1. I love how you weaved the two concepts of playing guitar and forgetting old memories.
    Also, it’s beautifully written.

    Liked by 1 person

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