Written by Diana Iz

I am powerless.

I can’t believe these words are coming from me,
but I finally understand.

I can’t control the world or people’s actions,
I only control my reactions.

While the world may be in chaos I still must remain
an inner peace and calm within me.

That is the only part that is in my control.

It is the only part in the world I can depend on.


My actions.

My mind.

My soul.

It is the only area in which I can find my happiness-
always through this ever flowing internal world inside.

I’ve learned that there will never be a time where
everything is in perfect harmony and synchrony.

Things will always be out of place,
imperfect, untimely.

It is simply the world we live in.

The trick is to ignite your world
inside yourself and call it home.

Art by Tanya Shatseva

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