Press Send?

Written by Jacob Ibrag

She broke her silence and swung her words

onto those who were willing to listen. Nothing was

sacred, no not after the man in green pressed send. All

over the nation, concentrations of screams rocked in

staggered trepidation. It was the unspoken bond among the

masses that privacy was the key to it all. She lifted her head

 and the people saw what he did. Tears flowed into the puddle

the sky cried out last night. Lights featured her and the camera

fed the empty flat screens upon the walls of the people. Her

makeup undone as was her faith in the human condition.

Privacy died when he pressed send. Her naked body of art

reduced to the absolute perverse. Hearts broke and anger

festered. Nothing ever remained the same. Perfect

society bled in shame. Yet here we are, all still

playing this game. Everything will be

alright, we pretend. “Press send?”

Artist Unknown


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