Written by Jacob Ibrag

It’s been a month since it all happened.

Surreal now, just how a single moment in time

can shift the lives and events of forever. Plans? Lost,

trapped in a vacuum of those few seconds. We were

laughing and talking about going away. She got the

call and there it all was. Laughs replaced with tragic

fallen eyes. I pray every day that I’ll wake from all of

this. I pray that I could see you at least one more time.

Disappointment. Frustration. Hatred towards the higher

power. I can’t look at the mirror anymore, it’s impossible.

That’s you staring back at me, smiling and waving. You’re

saying something, I’m never able to make it out. Promises

were made, you broke them. Why’d you have to drink.

Why’d you have to leave. Promises. I made them as well.

I’ll love the little girl as if she was my own. Wife tries to

calm me but how could I not shut down when I see your

little girl. Helpless. Torn. Shattered. You always had to

be the first one for anything, right? You beat me by a

minute getting out of mom. And now… I love you.

 A whole  eternities worth. My brother.

Artist Unknown


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