Let Me In

Written by Jacob Ibrag

She twisted his hand with a smile that went on for

miles. The word ‘No’ wasn’t in her lexicon. His mind and soul was

hers forever and ironically that was just what he’s been waiting for. She

always wanted what was forbidden and so this was the only way in. To

watch him submit with resistance fed the ice in her eyes. Just like that,

she had him in the palm of hers hands. This time, something was off and

she felt it. It was the fire that resonated from his heart, it was addicting.

He grabbed her and held her close to his heart. His kisses melted the

ice in her veins. Paradigm shift. Her glacier encapsulated heart

thawed and would beat once more. “My heart is yours,”

she whispered with a smile. “You let me in.”

Photographer Unknown


1 comment on “Let Me In

  1. Don’t let them in.

    Liked by 1 person

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