Story Seeds


Chapter One
Written by Jacob Ibrag

Through the maze of trees, she kept running.
Tears escaped her eyes and watered the land as her feet raced towards the mountain.
Something was coming. It was too dark to know for sure.

Just keep going, follow the crimson fire that painted the horizon.
Towards the light, keep going.

No amount of obstacles could stop her feet from pounding away at the dirt.
Yet the closer she got towards the mountain, the more she could feel its breath on her neck.
All she had to do was cut around the emerald tree and leap over the sink hole.

One final jump, salvation.

She made her way around the tree and proceeded to jump.
Then it happened.
Her whole life suspended mid air as the sink whole grew in size right before her eyes.

Just reach for the edge!

Her body crashed into the sinkhole’s razor sharp walls with her fingers barely holding onto the slippery edge.

No way out of this.

Her grip was gone, as were her hopes for tomorrow.
She looked up onto the burning stars once more and closed her eyes accepting this fate.

This was it.

She let go of the edge and hurled into the darkness.
Her body disintegrated mid fall as she re-materialized back on the surface.
She quickly made mental note on the hole and started to run once more.

Two lives left, damn it.

Photographer Unknown

I would love to know what you think will happen next.
What was she running from?
Where exactly is she?

Hope you enjoyed so far.

7 comments on “Lives

  1. Very clever! Video game? An entertaining read that carries you along swiftly.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. anitalubesh

    You should keep going with this. It felt like nice clean writing and also along with the drama you manage a lot of imagery, making it more colourful together with the added suspense. I like the aspect of the character having multiple lives. What is she? Who is she and what is it about? Once you have a hook for people, you should develop it further. Nice.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Interesting. I’m seeing like future sort of virtual reality and data protection and spies. Important data can be hidden in virtual worlds like artifacts and mercenaries can be hired to try and steal them, but it’s dangerous work and can take a toll. The mind can trick the body into thinking it’s actual injured or dying and trigger shock and things like that, which is why those (like your main character) have a set number of lives. It’s a limit on how much they can handle and you earn more lives through experience, etc. I’m thinking she’s on the run from some sort of digital antivirus that could fry her brain if she doesn’t outrun it. Idk. Hope that made sense (^_^)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. More! More! I thought she might be running from a tiger in the jungle… with magic sinkholes ^ ^


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