Counterfeit Dreams

Written by Jacob Ibrag

Today I saw the light for the very first time.

The pupils of my eyes were exposed to the rays of the

ball of fire in the sky. I could finally see it all. Slavery of the

mind still apparent. All of the people blinded for all time. Lies

and corruption accepted since birth. Relief and ache flooded my

body, functionality you were my double edged sword. You allowed

me to take my first steps in this wasteland. Advertisements flooded

the streets. Screens of artificial light blasted into the skies. Echo’s of

screams selling counterfeit dreams deafened the masses. We created

this disease, polluted the streams of consciousness with reality TV.

Was it too late to reset and save us all or was I forever alone in

the grayish blue hell hole. Maybe I’ll rejoin these fools and close

my eyes once more. What good is this vision and clarity when all

I see is this endless nothingness. As I began to close my eyelids for

one last time, an angel resurfaced in front of me. She held a

machine gun to my head, ‘better not close em’ or I’ll

shoot you dead.’  With a smile, I stood tall.

This was it, I’ll choose to live.

Artist Unknown


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