The Jump

Written by Jacob Ibrag

Sometimes we need to get hit hard when we least expect

it. It keeps us human, it keeps us alive. Thunder roared the whole

day. I’ve never seen anything like it. The folks around the office joked

around that it was probably a message from the one above. Around the

fifth hour, rain started to pour in at monsoon type of levels. Worst of

all was that this was Friday.  Plans for the night went out the door.

People started to scream that the streets and the lower floors have

been encased in a fifteen foot river. Its stretched as far as my eyes could

see, this was insane. Hours later, the storm had finally stopped and the

sun washed over our grim faces.  We were all trapped in this hellish office.

The view from the thirteenth floor had its perks though, the city had

transformed into something else. With the blink of an eye, we all started to

witness bodies dropping from the sky in the form of cannonballs. One

after another, people were actually diving into this manifestation of

randomness. We all ran to the rooftop, it was exciting and nutty. What

possessed these people to dance with chance? Did value for life go out

the door with this mad river? There they all were, stripping down to their

underwear and diving straight into the streets. No way in hell would I be

this stupid to jump. Even Leslie from accounting was there, I had a thing

for her since I got here. She stripped down, right there in front of me. I

was petrified like a stone with my eyes wide open. ‘Gonna keep staring,

or are you coming with me?’ And just like that, I was king of the stupid.

I opened my eyes and realized that at this very moment I was now flying

past the eleventh floor, at least Leslie was right there with me. We hit

the water and I was proud of myself. This wasn’t normal for me,

yet here I was smiling with these people. I woke up. I was alive.

Artist Unknown


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