Rock Bottom

Written By Diana Iz

Fleeting happiness and persistent pain.
That’s how the world works.
Pain and feelings of disparity stay constant if one is standing in one place.
The art of moving forward is the addiction of reaching
that peak moment of peace and joy.
The moment you’ve achieved something,
the moment your efforts are recognized.
But then it quickly disappears and we must keep fighting for it again.
Life is happening everywhere around you.

But to live?
Truly live.
It’s work.

Fearing happiness yet welcoming pain.
The fear of allowing happiness envelope me,
but giving in full heartedly to pain.
Keeping happiness at an admiring distance knowing it’s
presence is fleeting and it’s absence is disappointing.

Nostalgia is the natural state of a human being.
We are constructed to constantly want, need, reach for something.
We were built to never be satisfied, to always want more.
The world is built on thirst:
the over-achievers,
the unsatisfied,
those that have a constant hunger for better.
We are not set to be happy we are naturally set to be discontented
on life and to chase after that temporary moment of euphoria.
This way we are always climbing the mountain and moving our way to the top.
The human natural instinct is to survive,
hence we continue the fight.
We fall and persist to pick ourselves up again.

In those low moments we have the knowledge that it can’t get any worse,
that there’s nothing left to be lost bringing forth bravery.
It is only after complete destruction can we be resurrected,
it’s after losing everything that you’re free to do anything.

Artist Unknown

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