Three Consuming Letters

Written by Jacob Ibrag

Her eyes dilated as her mind went numb.

No, this wasn’t a dream. Yes, he did just ask you

that one question. He’s on one knee, vulnerable in front

of everyone to see. She saw this coming from the moment he

escorted her to the restaurant. Everything perfect and obviously

rational. It’s not though, isn’t it? None of this is rational. At this

very second, she realized something that was so foreign all these

years. Laughter was shared as well as tears from the highest highs

to the painful lows. It wasn’t enough, and it never would be if

she said those three consuming letters. He wasn’t it. Not for her

at least. This was suppose to just be a one month fling, not a

lifelong journey. Love was supposed to be the final frontier.

Then why the gaping hole in her bleeding torn heart?

That look in his puppy dog eyes ripped her apart.

Her heart pumped ‘No’ throughout her veins.

Yet it missed her lips and just like that,

she whispered ‘Yes’.

Artist Unknown


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