Written by Jacob Ibrag

The streets were paved with blood games and instant

gratification. This wasn’t a place for the living. You had to

be dead inside. It was unethical to be moral. Titan sized billboards

painted the city with the word ‘rule’ and a huge red X marked over it.

Rules are what used to be. Chaos was intertwined with the oxygen

that kept the people alive. Chaos is what she had to adopt in order to

survive. In yesterday’s utopia, she would’ve crumbled at the sight and

thought of struggle. Not today, this no limit wasteland freed her from

herself. This would be her playground, she would dominate everything

and everyone eventually. The light was for the weak. This darkness

quenched her thirst. This darkness unleashed the blindfold from

her eyes. She hunted death while her soul married

the shadows. Metempsychosis.

Artist Unknown


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