Written by Jacob Ibrag

Hold on tight when the lights go off. Imagination roams

through the minds of the silenced. With a snap of a finger,

the speechless unveil their manifestations. Role reversal.

Creations find new homes when the powers get converted.

It’s not an uprising, call it a renaissance. The top hats upstairs

had their fun. Never did it stretch out to everyone. Modes

of speech used to be rejected, the only expression came from

their rhymes and paintings. Its always the story, oldest of its

kind. What goes up must come down. After a time, the whole

system gets shifted. Equilibrium. Eventuality is greater than

precautionary avoidance. We each get a taste of the high life,

just don’t waste it. When’s it gone, it’s forever. Yet forever

doesn’t last. It’s a lifetime, until you’re born again. Strife

infected, reject it. Strive, no regret. Take it.

Photographer Unknown

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