Written by Jacob Ibrag

Never been this exposed. Now you know what I’ve been holding

on to. It’s the secret of life, I pay attention to the hindsight’s. Suppose

you regret a decision, I make a note and give a chance to redirect your

lesson onto a direction that could balance a previously failed equation.

How else are you to learn from these falls? I’ll put you through hell again

and hopefully you’ll survive through it all. Remember when she cheated you

out of a relationship? You swore to never follow in the failed footsteps of

your ex and then you were set in the same dilemma, you had a chance to

say no and then temptation swallowed you whole. We’re all guilty of

judgement, trusting ourselves more than the power of the moment.

It’s a torch with a fire that burns brighter than the sun that you carry

till its met with a tsunami of choices. Will you be Mr. Hindsight

or grab hold of desire. Set it with a fire and watch it burn.

It’s all about control and you have it till you don’t.

Art by Alex Cherry


2 comments on “Control

  1. Try to use powerful words as line-ends, rather than ‘nothing’ words like “of” and “to”. I understand that you try to create a curved shape with your poetry and I like this technique in general, for instance, in George Herbert’s poetry, but you can maintain this whilst ending each line on meaningful words.

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