Written by Jacob Ibrag

Got here about an hour ago, been a while since

my last camping trip. Suffice to say that this was a long

 time coming. While working the tent,  I noticed a fading

beat coming from the woods. Curiosity got the best of my

feet, so I followed them. The sound grew in volume the

deeper I walked in. The more I fed on it, the closer I got to

being lost. But I couldn’t stop, I had to know its origin. As

it got louder, I started running towards it’s direction. I had

to be crazy, leaving everything behind to go on the blind chase.

What if it was a trap? Then again, what if someone needed

my help? Didn’t matter, had to keep this going. Tripping

over the root of a tree, I found myself laid out on the ground.

Slowly  regaining consciousness, there it was staring back at

me. A mystery in the form of a she and she was gorgeous.

Smiling affectionately, she looked into my eyes with confusion,

‘are you alright?’ And in that moment I knew one thing,

I’d spend the rest of my life listening to that heartbeat.

Photographer Unknown


41 comments on “Listening

  1. I absolutely love how you ended this poem

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  2. Perfection! Love it, Jacob!

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  3. Sooooooo sweettttt

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  4. What is ur name. İ am curious

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  5. Something may i ask?

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  6. Sorry bro i am bothering u i think but , i cannot sleep these days .. Am like an idiot 😢 sorry again

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    • Eyes + Words

      No need to apologize, I hope it gets better for you in the coming days ahead.

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      • I sometimes comment about people’s personalities…so i wanted also for u. Hmm no .idk these days i am like a ghost idk…just am writting like idiot. Everyday

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      • Meanwhile…. Comments but without know. So i dont know u also bro but i got like kinda behaviour haha if u want i will tell u what i feel

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      • Eyes + Words


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      • Ur a large country current place of residence . complex … you get lost in the crowd . maybe u have a thin face. U looking kind person . You’re looking deep. U had like kinda eyes. Twenty-five years… it could be a dirty beard (u have) or no beard? . You look tall and brunette or aurbrun! but definitely not blonde . u are european but some of Asian origin (maybe u had), but may also mix in ur family. U do not like Many women . When you fall in love , you love one and really love .(it would be), You love to build dreams. You want to achieve your dreams…. You give value to ur mother and father. ( they always worthwhile . ) and also u are sensetive one and u might broke easy but You can forgive quickly. the heart of the very rich and sublime. love people and bad people are very nice but you never give them value referee

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      • Eyes + Words

        That’s actually not bad haha

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      • Am i right ? İt is just my feelings

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      • Eyes + Words

        You’re close 🙂

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      • Hahahha great then 😊

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      • Sorry last lines —u never give ***u are giving (it would be … )my keyboard done (sorry) 😊

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  7. Thank you for the same game. I respect you for your sincerity ; )

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  8. Hey sorry i was slept last night. Now i will write

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  9. Nice read, love it.

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  10. As wonders of nature go, how can any landscape or bunch of trees top that?

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