How Did It Get To This?

Written by Jacob Ibrag

How did

it get to this? We

used to walk down an

empty street without saying a

thing and know exactly what

each other was thinking. Physical

separation had nothing on what we

 created. You used to be my reason

to wake in the AM to make sure this

life was real. Along  the run of us, we

drifted into relationship oblivion.

Gravitating away from spiritual

embrace and into cancerous

routine. When it finally

hit us, it was already

too late.

Photographer Unknown



10 comments on “How Did It Get To This?

  1. Always .İ like your words. So weird .

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  2. I like the way the layout defines the poem. The lines discussing when the relationship was good are the longest, and the line-length progressively decreases like a relationship dwindles down.

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  3. “Along the run of us, we drifted into relationship oblivion.”
    Wow, I love this line. Great poem! I love your style and the way everything flows so smoothly. 🙂

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