Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Why can’t you be more like

us?’ Conformity never looked good on me.

Besides that, I’m a poisonous pill that’ll disrupt your

synchronization. I won’t want to change a thing except maybe

the way your minds feed on misinformation. Trust my voice and just

walk away, or take a chance on me and watch your beautiful

manipulated regime disintegrate. I don’t breathe

to take part, I was forged to liberate.

Photography by Marta Bevacqua

21 comments on “Disrupt

  1. Powerful poem that resonates deeply.

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  2. Wow.

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  3. Wholesome…I love your use of words..

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  4. So relatable! Great piece. Love your work.

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  5. thefeatheredsleep

    Oh. Damn. This. Is. Just so. Good.

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  6. thefeatheredsleep

    Thanks for using a redhead. 99 percent hate redheads, glad to see a champion.

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  7. Excellent statement! I believe my poem “Their World” compliments your poem.

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  8. Brilliant. Especially this part, ‘watch your beautiful manipulated regime disintegrate.’ 🙂

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  9. Really nice! Somehow, going with my situation right now

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