Written by Jacob Ibrag

Close your eyes, imagine the concrete floor beneath your

feet disappear completely. Scrape the gravity off your skin

 and throw it against the walls that have kept you prisoner.

Keep those eyes closed, take your first real breath as your

chest cavity expands to make way for an unfiltered brand of

natures oxygen. Virgin lungs no more, you breathe a little

deeper while trying to play with the air slithering around your

 little fingers. Stretch your arms towards the moon and purge

all of your frustrations. Let it all melt, vent till your mind is

clear from repression. Face the mirror that’s been judging

your every movement. Look at your reflection and study the

image. Every scar. Every bruise. Every flaw. Immediately

now, look past it all. Accept the fact that you are not this

 picture, understand that you are no longer bound to

anything. Turn your back on visual expectations and

 representations of what people want to see, shatter the

 glass into a million pieces. At long last, live free from

 it all. Design your own destiny. Rise and repeat,

 ‘I’ll only live for me.’

Photographer Unknown


18 comments on “Me

  1. I have to leave a comment this time; do so often think of doing so. This is beautiful from a technical point of view (at least, *I* think it is: I’m little versed in the art so far); but far more beautiful it is because it serves the feelings at the core of its expression. Like watching a film director who cares more about the characters’ stories than his/her own. Generously written. Lovely lovely stuff.

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  2. Am I what others think I should be, or am I just me?

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  3. This is so deep, I can truly relate. Nice work. 🙂

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  4. Incredibly beautiful, the flow of the feelings is smooth and the perception absorb you.

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  5. Masterful imagery! Another awesome piece. You’re gifted.

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  6. Beautiful would be an understatement. I must say I am officially your fan 🙂

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