Written by Jacob Ibrag

She points towards the couple in the corner,

‘and what about them? Real or fake?’ He gives a

quick stare and sips a little more of his coffee,

‘hundred percent fake. That one was way too easy.

Look at their smiles, unnatural and honestly looks

painful. I’ve been there before, were we’d be in

our best behavior, giving each other what we want.

A few months in, thinking that we’re each others

lifelong answers, while still playing a character we

despise. Then we get engaged and all of the shit

starts to hit the fan. I mean everything, something

about that rock that scares people back into their

true selves. Both of us are thinking, ‘holy shit, this

is real!’ And yea, it is. So we reintroduce ourselves,

this time hoping and even praying that we accept

each others original characters.’ He stops after a

child walk towards the couple. Laughing a little, she

crosses her arms, ‘hundred percent? Your sob story

isn’t necessarily the blueprint of all relationships.

Nice try though.’ He smiles and takes her hand,

‘definitely isn’t the blueprint for us, unless you’re

not who you say you are.’ ‘Guess we won’t

find out until you get that rock.’

Photographer Unknown


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