Written by Jacob Ibrag

Moments away from reaching her apex, reality streams

through her mind and hinders their experience. She turns

away from him for a second and then stops altogether.

Rushing to get dressed, he tries to slow her down to find

out what’s happened, ‘did I do some-, where are you going?’

Without sharing a syllable or a stare, she runs barefoot

out of the apartment and makes her way towards the park

five blocks away from him. Curling up on the bench, she

wondered why decent human beings didn’t exist, or at

least one that didn’t ram a stampede of lies at any given

moment. She felt disgusting, sharing the same air and

space with him. How could he not tell her what he did?

How could he let her find out through her best friend.

Her best friend of all people, ‘my sister.’

Photographer Unknown


8 comments on “Apex

  1. Beyond sex
    Quite a bitter

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  2. I love this pic. and the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Sienna Summer

    I love the photo ❀

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