Written by Jacob Ibrag

It’s not about where we end up,

because it all ends eventually. It’s

about what you’ve seen and the

people that have affected the way

you breathe. It’s about stopping

for a moment every now and then

to ask yourself if you have truly

lived. I know I haven’t, and that’s

alright. The human condition goes

on, and so will the rest of us.

Photography by Jared Tyler


18 comments on “Ask

  1. Truth has been told.

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  2. “It’s not about where we end up, because it all ends eventually.” That’s my fave line.

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  3. thefeatheredsleep


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  4. Of course you have lived. Had you not, I would not have been touched by your words.

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  5. This is awesome – some of your work is great!

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  6. I used to think that way until I realized that I didn’t know what “having lived” or “living” means beyond the biological basics. The best I can come up with is that I am living while writing something, commenting on a blog post with people I love. Otherwise, I don’t know. Part-time dead, maybe.

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  7. in our resources life
    we don’t know how the end.. be!
    but in writing things
    can be ending of means.

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